Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Decent fishing

Well it's been pretty windy and we have had some rain but the fishing has been decent. So far, all the customers I have taken out in the last week have gone home with at least a half gallon of fillets. We have fished anywhere from Texas City to Trinity Bay. The trout have been plentiful and there have been a few flounder, but that's fixing to change, just like the weather. April should really be bringing in the big fish and that will also be a good time to start wade-fishing. Just keep in mind that even though the weather changes day to day, that's why you hire a professional fishing guide. That's my job to know where the fish are or will be in any kind of weather, and I will also let you know whether it's worth your hard-earned money to go out or not and can rechedule your trip. I am just as excited about catching fish as the next person, but I also keep the safety and expectations of my customers a priority.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Captain,

I was wondering howt he fishing has been since the hurricane? I know I have read on other blogs that the fishing doesn't seem to be that bad? Do you have any pics of your recent trips?